Difference between dating 20 something vs. 30 something


Date: July 8, 2013

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Difference between dating 20 something vs. 30 something


There’s a big difference between dating guys who are in their 20’s as compared to those guys who are in their 30’s.  Personally, I believe that if you’re looking to settle down its best to go for a man who is a 30 something.  If you’re looking for something more loose and fun then you’re probably better off hooking up with a 20 something year old.  In this article, I’m going to take a look at what makes the 30 something year old man more desirable to date for a serious relationship over someone in their 20s.  Having dated both types, I can confidently give you the right advice on this topic.


Dating Advice on commitment 20s vs. 30s


30 something guys are as scared of commitment as 20 something guys.   When you go on a date with a 30 something guy it sometimes will feel more like an interview.  The 30 something guy has been around the dating block, therefore he knows more of what he wants from a relationship.  He is more mature and he is more apt to settle down, if the right girl comes along.  He isn’t going to waste anytime getting directly to the point.  On the other hand, the 20 something year old is still thinking about party and having fun.  His main goal will most likely be if he can get you into the sac.   If you want to settle down with a guy who is going to be better for you in a relationship, you need to choose the 30 something year old.   His wisdom and maturity are going to make him the better pick over the 20 something year old party boy, who is probably going though a couple of girl in a week.


Dating Advice on Being Direct 20s vs. 30s


The 30 something year old man has played the game before and is probably getting tired of it, he is ready to settle down.  You can’t find the right person to settle down with unless you direct and to the point.  The 30 something year old man is going to tell you how it is, straight up.  He is going to ask the hard questions and tell you the honest truths.  He is trying to navigate his way though the dating game to find a wife.  The 20 something guy is going to be more of a flake.  He will be telling you things that you want to hear and the kinds of things, he thinks, will get you into his bed the quickest.   He isn’t too concerned with settling down long term, so making things cheery and happy for the by being are just fine with him.  If you want someone that you can count on, who will be honest and direct, you’ll need to date the 30 something year old for best results.


Dating Advice on Having Their Lives Together 20 vs. 30s


When you’re in your 30s your fairly set in your life.  You have chose a career and you’re starting to work toward you goals.  You’re paying off your debts and planning for the future.  You want to find a wife, buy a house and have a baby.  When you’re in your 20s you’re still in school or just finishing up and you’re not certain of what exactly you want to do with you life.  Your career path is up in the air, you’re in debt and you don’t have any desire to settle down.  You’re still all about your friends and having fun.  That’s why if you want to find an ideal person for a serious relationship choosing the 30 something year old guy is the best bet.


Dating Advice on Having Their Own Place


This is a huge one for me, ladies! I love when I guy has his own place.  Getting into a relationship with a guy who has his own place is great; you can do whatever you want and where you want.  There is no worry about anyone else coming in or coming by.  Guys in there 30s almost always have their own place, which is a major reason why I like to date older.  Guys in their 20s are still having roommate and live like college students.  They’re messy, having their stuff all over the places, people are always coming and going.  The right choice is the 30 something guy, who lives alone.  IF you haven’t dated a guy with his own place, then you’re in for a treat when you do.


This dating advice clearly shifts your interest in finding a serious relationship toward settling down or dating men in their 30’s.  They have their lives in order and are ready to settle down.  If you feel like you want to make the commitment, then start dating your local 30 something year olds, because its your best chance at finding love and relationships.  On the other side, if you want to find some quick fun, hop a 20 something year old, literally, they’ll do it for it.

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Author: Sandra Sloan

Sandra Sloan is a self-proclaimed dating expert. She's 25 years old and recently single. Sandra says: "I live in the San Fernando Valley, basically a suburb of Los Angeles, and I moved out here just over a year ago to be with my now ex-boyfriend. There’s a lot of dating sites out there that are legitimate, but sadly a lot that are a scam. I’m going to write reviews about my experiences and inform you of which dating sites are real and which sites you need to avoid! "