Darryl Stewart

Hi, my name is Darryl Stewart; I’m 30 years old.  I’m originally from Rhode Island; I moved out West to Los Angeles where I attended The University of Southern California, there I obtained my masters degree in Communications.  I work full time with a big TV network.  However, dating in LA is also a full time job.  The city has tons of attractive people, though it seems everyone has an agenda.  It’s difficult to determine whether someone is being real or fake.  It’s the same in person, as online.  I’ve been really into online dating, but I found it hard to determine what sites were real and which sites were scams.  I decided, I would share my experiences and give you my reviews of the most legitimate online dating sites and review which sites are scam sites that you should stay away.



Sandra Sloan

I’m Sandra Sloan; I’m 25 years old and recently single.  I live in the San Fernando Valley, basically a suburb of Los Angeles, I moved out here just over a year ago, to be with my now ex-boyfriend.  I work just about every night at one of LA’s hottest lounges.  During the daytime I go on a lot of dates either with guys I meet at the bar or with guys I meet though online dating.  I’ve become bit a self proclaimed ‘dating expect’.  There’s a lot of sites out there that are legitimate, but sadly a lot that are a scam.  I’m going to write reviews about my experiences and inform you which sites are real and which sites you need to steer clear!  Read my all my advice here a Web Dating Scams.





Travis White


Hi everyone!  Travis White here, nice to meet you.  I’m 28 years old and an American born boy.  I’m gay, I came out about 7 years ago while I while in university.  I went to Tufts University and completed an Engineer Degree.  I grew up in California.  I love surfing, being at the beach, hitting the volleyball around, you know- that typical California stuff.  I’ve always lived in big cities, Los Angeles and then Boston for school.  I’m currently living out West right now.  I’ve never been in a long-term relationship.  Living in populated places and being a young guy, I just like to date around and have tons of fun doing it!  My friends always come to me for dating advice; I’ve seen it all. I came across webdatingscams.com and thought I could add something valuable to the process, a gay voice.  If I know anything, it’s that gay men like to online date. Read my reviews on web dating scams, I’ll separate the real from the phony and help you maximize your ass getting potential.


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