5 Signs That He Is Into You


Date: July 8, 2013

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5 Signs That He Is Into You


I have a lot of guy friends that always come to complaining, saying how they can never tell if the girl they’re into likes them.  Both men and women think that its easy to gauge interest, its not.  I’m going to look at the 5 signs that a guy is into you, in this article.  Sure, it’s easy to tell if a guy is straight up hitting on and chances are you’re not going to be interested in his cheesy lines and persistence.  You need to learn the signs when he saying that he is into you, but not in the over the top way.


Dating Tip 1:  Social Proximity


If you’re finding the same guy keeps finding is way around you then there is a good chance that he is into you.  This doesn’t mean that he sees you as his next wife, but there is something there he wants to more about.  Its an extra if the guy is choosing you be around you and talk to you, if his friends are around.  This shows that he isn’t afraid to go after what he wants.  Guys tend to be a little reserved when their friends are around, so it’s a very good sign if he is talking to you when the guys are around.


Dating Tip 2:  Action Reaction


When you’re talking to a guy you should keep your eyes peeled looking for reactions to his actions.  If he is telling a joke or asking you a questions watch to see what kind of body language he is giving off, he if he looking for to be interested, then he is interested in you.  He wants to impress you and if you like him, you should let him know you.  Guys are often out to lunch when they’re talking to girl they’re not interested in.   If he is talking to you and he isn’t concerned with how you’re reacting to what he is saying, then there is a good chance he isn’t into you.


Dating Tip 3:  Making Plans


This kind of seems obvious, but if a guy is trying to setup plans with you, just the two of you then this is a major sign that he is into you.  If for some reason you doubt his intentions, you need to place yourself in his shoes and realize how big of a deal it is to ask someone you like out.  There is always a chance of rejection.  Guys are not really going to put themselves out there to get hurt, he is interested and he wants to go on a date.


Dating Tip 4: Mister Intensity


You need to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for them he is bring more intense with you, than he is being with other people.   This is a definite sign that he is into you.  This can be delivered in many different ways, like being more serious talking about his goals or plans for the future.  He could be quieter but when you’re around he is trying to show-off and trying to impress you.  If you ever have the chance to observe how he is with others, then you should.  Not spying on him, but just watching before you announce yourself or you can ask another friend perspective.  Any sign of increased intensity is a sign that he wants you.


Dating Tips 5:  Test The Waters


If you’re still trying to figure out he if he into you, you can always test out the waters yourself.  Try the subtle techniques of playfully hitting him or just let go around him.  You can make a few jokes and see what his reaction is toward you.  Sometimes guys need a little push as well, everyone gets shy to helping him out of his shell is a good way to find out if he is interested in you.  If you can’t take control of you own life, then who can.


There maybe be other tips you can add to the list, feel free comment and tell me what you think.  But, in the meantime keep an eye out for these little things you might not be looking for and you could have a dates with the guy you’ve been crushing on.

5 Signs That He Is Into You, 3.2 out of 5 based on 56 ratings

Author: Sandra Sloan

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