At Web Dating Scams, we know that Internet dating sites are not all created equally. That’s why we’ve designed a website that separates legitimate dating sites from dating scams. Read on for a complete guide to the best hookup sites, and editors picks that will get you laid. You’ll never have to ask what dating sites are not scams again!

“I got tired of thinking that I found a great match though online dating websites only to find that the person on the other end was fake.  Its for that reason I created this dating review website, along with Sandra Sloan to help combat obstacles that roadblock people into finding what they really want from online dating.  We’re going to focus on realness between what is a legitimate online dating site and those dating scam sites that are used to lure you in to waste your time and more importantly your money.  We’re going to guide you to the best possible sites that will help you succeed in the online dating game.

Sandra and I are self-proclaimed ‘dating experts’ living out of Los Angeles.  L.A. is a massive city with lots of superficial characters and we’ve dated a lot of them.  We’re going to give you an insiders perspective from the online dating world, of the best sites to visit to get whatever your needs are online.  Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what’s the real deal or hocus-pocus and let us show you the way to a great online dating experience.

- Darryl Stewart”

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