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eHarmony is an online dating site designed to match single women with single men.  eHarmony is one of the worlds most recognized online dating companies.  It has member’s spanning across 150 counties and prides itself on its 258 sign up questionnaire.  eHarmony is without a doubt legitimate dating website.  The site focuses on people who want “serious relationships”.  I find eHarmony one-dimensional and boarding lining on boring. Designed by physiologist who are self proclaimed relationship expects who have studied the interactions of men and women why while thinking they have developed a way to make the perfect match.  They use words like algorithms and dimensions for scientific matching .   Seems like a lot of verbiage to throw at people who are supposedly coming to this site to find their soul mate.  In general, most relationships are hard.  Anyone who has been in one will agree.  Relationships need work and need two people who will contribute. 


eHarmony makes difficult right from the get-go.  They have an insanely long sign up process and can take a half of a day to complete and the user isn’t guaranteed to be granted a membership into the site.  There are deciding factors they use to determine if you’re the right fit for the eHarmony product.  So, gay men and women- sorry you’re out, eHarmony doesn’t recognize you as a suitable population to match.  Multiple divorcee, don’t waste you time.  They don’t want past failures- you’re not good match.  The prices at eHarmony are nearly $30 a month, much higher compared to other online dating sites.  Personally. I don’t think scientific matches, algorithms and clinical studies can find everyone love, in the end the penis does the picking.  Its just as easy to log into a site like EroticSearch for much lower membership price, find a sexually compatibility matches that way you know right-off-the-bat if you’re bedroom compatible. 


eHarmony can toss our a few big words and decide they’re experts but when it comes down to it sex is the biggest part of any functional relationship.  You don’t need to spend 100’s of dollar a year and countless hours sitting in front of a computer for someone who is probably single themselves to tell you how to find your next date.  While a site like SocialSex offers its members a guaranteed date, eHarmony can’t even offer you a guaranteed membership.




The features at eHarmony are unique to most online dating services.  The whole basis of their existence is scientific.  They have teams of psychologists who study relationships, perform clinical studies to best gage what people want from a relationship and which personality traits are most compatible, based on this information they complete a 258 questionnaire that is filled out its potential members.  The data is collected and processed into algorithms, based on their calculations a computer will create a list of your most favorable matches.


-       Offers a scientific evaluation based off algorithms to match you with other singles with similar calculations.

-       Creates an environment though expect guidance in a step-by-step process to take pressure of members to aid in better communication.

-       Comprehensive questionnaire that boast you chances of finding a soul mate.

-       You can access eHarmony from your mobile on IOS and Android systems.

-       With high standards and a successful company you rarely will find any spam and rare illegitimate profiles.







I have a few concerns with eHarmony.  For starters they discriminate against homosexual’s, divorced persons and it gives a punch in the gut feeling to people who do not get accepted.  It says to them, you don’t have a soul mate and not even a apparently scientifically proven formula can find you a date.  Moreover, shouldn’t a system founded on science welcome multiple divorced persons just to prove that their system actually does work?  You only hear about the success stories from eHarmony because they only choose clients that will mold easily to their scientific formula.  I don’t think there is anything romantic or fun about filling out a survey for hours to find the same matches you can find online at EroticSearch with their advanced search options in just a few minutes.


-       Long, drawn out processes with no guarantee of finding a soul mate.

-       High monthly and yearly costs to members with no guarantee of finding a soul mate.

-       No sexual compatibility questions like, do you like taking it in the ass? That can be a deal breaker for some.


The problems with eHarmony is that its unrealistic to real life situations.  People are having sex in real life, people are having fights in real life and people get bored in real life- there is not algorithm to show that.




There’s no debating that eHarmony is a top dating website.  It’s known around the globe and is successful.  Personally, I feel like it’s science project, its more proud of its developments than matching members.  I think a successful relationships needs to thrive in the bedroom.  Meeting someone for a first date and screwing gets a lot more accomplished than filling out an 18-hour questionnaire about your most personal thoughts.  While some people may like that route because its safe or more socially accepted, I think you would be better off testing the online dating pool on a site like XXXBook.com and connect socially with potential dates and get everything upfront, including their sexual preferences.  Its better to know exactly what you’re getting into so there are no surprises later on.

eHarmony: Online Dating Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Author: Darryl Stewart

Originally from Rhode Island, Darryl Stewart moved west to Los Angeles where he attended The University of Southern California. There he obtained his masters degree in Communications, and now he currently works for a major television network.