Date: July 16, 2013

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It’s always a good idea to know how to attract the girl you’re into.  However it’s not always easy to stay on track or even know how to go about keeping her interested.  I decided to put together a list of dating tips that will allow guys to attract the girls they like.  This dating advice will help you to stop making the mistakes you do with the girl you want a relationship with.  Follow these dating tips and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand.


The first dating tip that you need to follow when trying to attracting her is pass her tests.  Girls love to test guys, she might do this by calling you late at night.  You’re probably asleep, if you wake an answer the phone she will be wondering why you were so late to answer her calls.  She will question if you’re with another girl.  Don’t fall for this classic girl test. You’ll have to ignore the call and give her a shout back in the morning to say that you saw she called and you’re checking to make sure everything is ok.


Impress her with your personality and kindness rather than material things.  Guys think that when they’re dating, buying affection for attraction is the right route.  However, she will be more attracted to you if you show your softer side.

Its common knowledge that woman love sex as much as men.  Sex is bound to happen while you’re dating and you’re both liking each other.  You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re pushing to get laid.  Let things take their course, go with the flow.  It will create a mutual respect and she will be more attracted to you for that.  Then, you’ll be getting all the sex you want.



Be real, be you and she will be attracted to genuineness.  Don’t put on a false persona for her. Do everything from your heart and she will take notice.  On your dates don’t be too nice or too anything, just act like you and she’ll be attracted to that the most.

Girls love guys who can keep their plans.  If you’re making plans for a date then be sure to keep them.  This will surely crank up the attraction factor.  It will show her that you’re all about her and you’re putting her first.  Even more, send her a text to remind her about the date or tell her you’re looking forward to seeing her.  That will extra is always a good help to make her fall for you.  On the flip side its best not to cancel anything for her either, if you have appointments or work function, do them.  She will take notice to how important your work and hobbies are to you, which is a big plus.  You’re able to balance your love life and work life; this will score your major points.



Don’t be dependent on her and don’t be indecisive.  Show her you’re confident, girls think confidence is sexy and it will she’ll make her attracted to you.  Girls sometimes get overwhelmed with the pressure of making decision, so man-up and take control of the situation without being overly macho and arrogant.  If you’re always second guessing and asking her what to do, she will think you don’t have the confidence to lead and also that you don’t know what she really wants.



Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t talk the big game when you’re not going to follow though.  Relating back to making a valid impression on her, don’t say things to her you don’t mean or suggest things you can’t do.  If you say it, she will be expecting it.  Date within your means and she will like you for that.  Girls aren’t looking for a superhero just someone who can be real and someone who will love them.  Be you, for her and that is all she will want.



If you’re trying too hard to be interesting you need to stop, stop it right now!  This is one of the major reasons why guys lose the attraction from the girls.  They try too hard to make themselves too important and over do it.  Be interested in her, that’s’ what she realty wants.  Pay attention to what she is saying and the things you do with her.  Showing her that you’re interested s a key factor to making her attracted to you.



Challenge her, don’t be a yes man.  A girl will like when you say no, not too often, but she will.  Don’t be scared to take a stand, she will be attracted to that.



Now that you have these 10 dating tips to help you make her like you, put them to the test.  If there is a girl out there you’re wanting to date, then these dating tips will help you secure the relationship.

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Author: Darryl Stewart

Originally from Rhode Island, Darryl Stewart moved west to Los Angeles where he attended The University of Southern California. There he obtained his masters degree in Communications, and now he currently works for a major television network.