15 Dating Tips Men Should Know About Women


Date: July 2, 2013

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15 Dating Tips Men Should Know About Women


This is going to prove to be some of the best dating advice men has ever received.  15 dating tips on the mistaken men make, that women hate.  Finally, you can get inside the head of the woman to figure out all the little things that seem harmless, but you’re doing wrong.  These tips will help you stay in her good books and always having the happiest dating life or relationship you dream about it.


Dating Tip For Men 1:


Don’t use lines on her.  Girls hate this, just be real.  Don’t compare her to cakes and heaven.  Be creative in others that way will impress her without sounding a complete douche.


Dating Tip For Men 2:


Take the lead, if you want her to fall in love with you show her you’re confident.  Don’t wait for her to start the conversation get things underway.  Girls hate it when guys are quiet on dates, stand out, be a man.


Dating Tips For Men 3:


Compliment her right away.  Tell her she looks beautiful.  Girls don’t like when guys don’t compliment them.  This is an easy way to score some bonus points.  When you don’t complement them, they will suspect you’re just not that into them.


Dating Tip For Men 4:

Stop doing everything she says.  If you do everything she says it makes you seem weak, be your own man.  Compromise, despite what they say, it not all about her.


Dating Tip For Men 5:


Don’t blend in.  Girls want you to stand out.  There are so many guys out there, who are average and dress average, make statement, dress up for her sometimes, show her you care about the way you look.


Dating Tip For Men 6:


Don’t be awkward in your body language.  If you feel like going into give her a hug or a kiss, then do it, don’t hesitate.   Your girl wants to know that you have the balls to do what you want to do.


Dating Tips For Men 7:


Major step for dating!  Ask the girl for her number.  If like a girl and want a date tell her.  She will love that you have the courage just to ask for her number.  She won’t like if you have to ask a friend to get it for you or you ask in a round about way.


Dating Tip For Men 8:


Don’t be arrogant.  Its essential to show her you’re confident without being an asshole.  If you can balance out the confident over the cockiness then you have won the battle.  The last thing a girl wants is an over-confident around, no one like that.


Dating Tip For Men 9:


Don’t be too needy.  A girl will not like you if she thinks she has to take care of you.  A girl wants to find a guy who is strong and who is going to take care of her.  You need to be there to offer her emotional support.


Dating Tip For Men 10:


Are you asking permission?  That’s a big no-no.  If you want to make plans with your friends and head out for the night, then do it.  You can let her know what your plans are, but you don’t have to ask her if you’re allowed.  Girls find it strange when guys want to give up power.


Dating Tips For Men 11:


Clean up guys!  Girls don’t like slobs.  Get a haircut and shower.  Clean you place and hit the gym.  You if you like a mess, she will think you’re a mess in all aspects of your life.  Clean up, shape up and you’ll have her.


Dating Tips For Men 12:


Be funny and crack a few jokes.  Don’t be too serious.  Girls don’t like pent up serious dudes.  You’ll have to relax, make some jokes and laugh with her.  She won’t want to date someone with a stick up his ass.


Dating Tips For Men 13:

Expect everything to work out fine.  Don’t go into the date saying to her that you can’t believe she is going out with you or that you have no luck with girls.  Head into the date like you’ve already got the girl.


Dating Tips For Men 14:


Don’t take it personally.  If she turns you down when you ask her out, take it like a man.  Show her you can handle the rejection.  If you’re really feeling it, go back to her sometime and ask again… joking!  Don’t, if she said no, it usually means no, don’t piss her off by keeping after her.


Dating Tip For Men 15:


Don’t lower you standards.  The last thing you want is a reputation for lower standards to get a girl.  When the girl you actually wants comes around then you will be, that guy, who goes for low.  Aim high, wait for yours to come.



Guys follow these dating tips and you’ll find the right girls.  You won’t need any luck if you apply this advice to your everyday dating life.


Author: Darryl Stewart

Originally from Rhode Island, Darryl Stewart moved west to Los Angeles where he attended The University of Southern California. There he obtained his masters degree in Communications, and now he currently works for a major television network.