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Find You FaceMate is a waste of time and I’ll tell you why.  Find Your FaceMate is free for all intensive purposes, however if you value your time then it will cost you a lot of that.  Find Your FaceMate bases its results from a scientific approach that matches your face with potential suitors.  The idea comes from its inventor, Christina Bloom who fell in love over twenty years ago with a man who apparently looked similar to her.  She claims that people would come up to the couple and comment on how much they resembled each other.  She started to study couples and more specifically their facial features. 


She came to a conclusion that people who scared similar facial features were more likely to experience strong passion.  She claims that when we meet our facial feature match our brains release hormones that trigger the chemicals that make us fall in love.  She believed her hypothesis to be true that when people with similar facial features tend to fall in love and have better chemistry.  She then developed Find Your FaceMate.  Bloom describes Find Your FaceMate as revolutionary and sophisticated.  This is a new approach to online dating, using their facial recognition technology Find Your FaceMate creates algorithms that are used to identify and match people based off similar facial features.  Once you’re matched it’s promised that you will experience a more meaningful relationship.  However, there is no actual proof of this, which leads me to believe this is a scam. 


The site is unlike every other online dating website, its free.  Bloom has gotten tons of media attention for her idea; she is making money from the publicity.  The site is a scam because there is no proof this technology actually works, so it may not waste you money but it wastes your time.  The sign up process is fairly easy.  I signed up in just a few minutes; I uploaded a picture of myself and thought I could see my matches.  The site told me I had to wait for the results.  It didn’t specify exactly when they would be, but I was in a queue.  I guess the technology doesn’t work that fast.  With only 43,000 members you’d think it would be quicker.  A site like SocialSex.com  that has millions of members, can match your searches within seconds.




Crowd pleasers wouldn’t be the phrase I’d used to describe the features at Meet Your FaceMate.  The features are not on par with other online dating websites.

 -      The site is free to join, however upon joining you must wait for an undeclared amount of time before any match are generated.

-       Access to the Find Your FaceMate Blog that gives you dating tips and advice for online dating.  However none of it seems to be a direct and to the point at Dating Tips for a First Date.

-       Get the low down on what exactly the technology is and how it works.

-       Search for members who are local, BUT WAIT, only 25 matches per day.

-       View celebrity couples with similar facial features.


Find Your FaceMate doesn’t really offer a lot of high quality features.  Although the site is free there is not much for you do to, besides wait around for matches.  It’s a complete waste of time, especially when you have other online dating websites, like EroticSearch which you can hookup and have sex within minutes of become a member.






A major problem I have with Find Your FaceMate is that the technology isn’t proven.  The site is solely based around the whole idea of a facial features.  It doesn’t ask you any questions about your interest or personality.  Maybe I am skeptic, but I don’t believe a computer program and match someone with everything I need.  Furthermore, the site only has 43,000 members, the match your get are sometimes very far away.  It’s not easy to meet for a hook up or a date.  I found that Find Your FaceMate showcases a lot it popular cultures successes rather actual love successes from its members.  I think, the site is a scam built around this new technology that will be a fad and popular with news shows for minor segments.  The owner will make money from traffic and the popularity of the site, socially.  While members who are actually looking to find their soul mate or FaceMate will be left disappointed.


-       Is it a likely reality that people will want to look like their partner?  Isn’t it kind of weird to want to get comments that you look like siblings?

-       43,000 members isn’t a lot of people.  Therefore, finding matches that are local with the possibilities of dating are slim to none.

-       The search option is poorly designed; it only allows members to view 25 matches per day.

-       Scam promises, the site seem only geared toward creating a popular buzz around the technology not the outcomes.


While Find Your FaceMate won’t cost you any money is will cost you your time, which can be just as important, If you’re looking for love or just a quick online, I wouldn’t stop here to find it.




Find My FaceMate is more focused on publicly than providing its members with quality features or match making ability.  It has a low member count at 43,000 people makes it almost impossible for you to find matches in your area.  Its technology isn’t proven and they use celebrity couples as a shameless promotion for the site.  The site is a scam to gain a bigger membership base and create a buzz.  If you’re looking for love or instant sex then you should check out a proven site with member’s actively looking for the same things, try XXXBOOK.com.




Find Your Face Mate: Worst Online Dating Site, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Author: Darryl Stewart

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