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SocialSex.com is the world’s largest online social sex network boasting over 65 million members.  SocialSex provides its members with a plethora of features and options to help find the right matches.  Women can sign up and obtain a gold membership for free.  The guys on the other hand have two options for a paid membership choosing either a Gold Membership or a Silver Membership.  SocialSex has become a legitimate dating website and with the volume of members and online activity, you’ll soon find out why.  SocialSex contributes to it members online hookup success by offering sections such as, Tips for Hooking-up which gives a point by point run down of the best ways to succeed in online dating.  They suggest things like, uploading dirty xxx photos and videos.  Write a complete and detailed profile, take advantage of all the site features, become a featured member to increase your traffic and matches, upgrade to a Gold Membership (that’s for you boys) and contact members you currently see online to connect quicker.  SocialSex features consist of instant messaging, emailing, friend requesting, activity feeds, hardcore porn vault, advanced searches, live webcams and many more, which I will go into further detail about in the next section.  I signed up for the free women’s membership about 4 months ago.  I was finding it difficult to meet guys with my weird work hours.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to check out the online scene.  I like SocialSex because it’s to the point.  Unlike other dating websites it’s focused in on instant connections.  The site is designed for you to meet locals and have sex.  Whereas other dating websites are relationship based, which creates a lot of talking and not so much action.  It’s a common misconception that girls are only looking for a relationship.  Sometimes girls just want to have fun!  I’ve had my fair share of fun thanks to SocialSex.  I belong to many online dating hookup sites, SocialSex is tops on that list.  Their male members are quite attractive; I’ve met several and had a great time.  However, there are not enough of them.  Since women join for free, there are tons of women online, compared to men.  So guys, JOIN THE SITE NOW AND HELP US LADIES OUT!





I briefly ran though the many features of SocialSex in my opening spiel.  I want to take a closer look into what exactly you get as a member.  It’s easy for us ladies, we sign up and gain access to every site feature, but we need those boys to sign up so we can have more fun.  So, while this is just as much for the girls, I want you boys to pay close attention to what kind of perks you’ll be getting once you get your membership.  Signing up as a basic member you have limited access to most features, that’s why I would suggest you upgrade to a Gold Membership.  The Gold Membership gives all of its member’s access to every feature.  The main features of the site that is most important for hooking up and getting laid are the instant messaging, unlimited emailing, advanced searches and the My Activity section. With these tools you can:


- Connect with members instantly.  It’s a fast and efficient way to ensure you get laid.

- Use the advanced search features to connect with exactly the type of guy or girl you want.  It’s so detailed; it does all the work for you.

- Use your unlimited emails to stay in touch with your online hookups, keep track of everyone you’re talking to, so you don’t miss a beat.

- Your activity will be chronicled though a news feed, similar to Facebook.  You can keep track of friend requests and what other members are doing.


Other features of the site that are fun to use is the huge vault of hardcore porn, they have so many different genres, something for everyone’s tastes.  SocialSex allows you to create a friend lists, see who’s viewed your profile, give you access to your latest matches and quick options to meet other members in person.  Overall the features of SocialSex set the standard for what all-online dating websites should aspire to be.





There is no fee for women.  SocialSex offer women a free membership, for this reason the majority of members at SocialSex are horny ladies.

The boys have two options.  The Silver Membership, which limits access to some features or the Gold Membership which will allow you to have unlimited access to every feature and hookup easier with us ladies!




The best options for all you guys out there is the $12.50 per month deal which gets you access to everything,  you need to find fucks now! Here is the break down.





Dating Site Cons



While I love SocialSex it’s saturated with so many women.  I think all of us ladies can agree that the site needs more testosterone.  SocialSex would be a haven for men.  Like I said before, women sign up for free, therefore there are a lot of us, tons of us.  We need more men!  My only con for this online dating site is lack of men.  I would love for more guys to join, it would mean more action for me.





Overall SocialSex ranks as one of the best online dating websites.  I especially love that women can sign up for free and with fair pricing they make it a affordable for the men.  SocialSex satisfy’s all my wants in a dating social network.  The features of the site are incomparable, as they provide members with the best tools of any hookup site to find the best and most matches possible.  SocialSex opened me up to a whole new world of online dating.  It expanded my experiences and restored faith that online chatting and picture sharing is still the real deal.  Meeting people though this avenue is the best and most efficient way to get laid, I will be using SocialSex and I can confidently recommend it to all you woman and men out there looking to find fun online today.



SocialSex.com: Legitimate Dating Site Review, 2.9 out of 5 based on 55 ratings

Author: Sandra Sloan

Sandra Sloan is a self-proclaimed dating expert. She's 25 years old and recently single. Sandra says: "I live in the San Fernando Valley, basically a suburb of Los Angeles, and I moved out here just over a year ago to be with my now ex-boyfriend. There’s a lot of dating sites out there that are legitimate, but sadly a lot that are a scam. I’m going to write reviews about my experiences and inform you of which dating sites are real and which sites you need to avoid! "