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XXXBOOK.com screams sex.  Forget the mushy relationship stuff, you’re not going to find a Christian connection here. Just by type the address into your browser you’re going to get a page of fun. Its full on in your face ass and titties and it only gets better from there.  The ladies are top notch, very attractive and very horny.  XXXBOOK rallies around the idea of a social hookup network, thank you Facebook for helping us getting everyone on board with that concept.  XXXBOOK makes it easier than ever to hookup online.  I signed up for a basic membership and quickly added a Gold Membership package to my account.  The site offers a lot of great features like chat rooms, video uploads and view account activity.   One of the very first connections I made though xxxbook.com was with a hot girl named Sabrina.  I went over to her place near Runyon Canyon.  She was house sitting for some relatives.   She was rearing to go when I there, basically stripped down to nothing, she looked like hell on heels. She grabbed me and we got work.  She pushed my head down between her legs; she said that really gets her started.  She wasn’t lying… she pretty much took control the whole time, I didn’t mind- this girl was hot.  We fucked for more than hour and I stuck it in just about every hole she had.  I finished up and headed out.  She messaged me again later that night and told me to swing by again.  When I got there, she wasn’t alone.  She took me to the side of the house, it was tree covered and a pretty tight squeeze, I pounded one into her, while people were on the other side of a wall.  Just a quickie, but sometimes those are the best.  It was a good first experience and I’ve had some other good hook ups around the city.  For $12.50 a month, it’s like stealing pussy.  Thoughout the sign up process and upgrades, its been a smooth ride thus far.  If you’re a guy looking for quick fucking, this is where you need to be.





XXXBOOK is becoming one of the most useful dating sites by helping us guys getting laid.  The features of this site are excellent.  It all starts with the Account Activity feature; this allows you to keep track of everything and everyone related to your Gold Membership.  Follow your fuck buddies, see what all the ladies are up to, watch other members interact and get in on the action.  It offers a chat room, live web cam shows, options to upload xxx pictures and videos. You have the ability to see who has previously viewed your profile and get your latest marches.  This is a good tool in that it gives you access to people who are most interested in meeting you.  Moreover, you also get unlimited e-mail access, and over 10,000 porn flicks which come in handy for putting on while you’re nailing a girl or just to rub one out when you need to get going.  Here’s a list of the condensed features that a Gold Membership of $12.50 a month will buy you:


-      Account Activity similar to your Facebook needs feed, a track of sorts for your friends and fucks.

-      Chat Rooms, and Live Model Web Cams.

-      Upload your xxx pictures and videos and watch other members as well.

-      View your latest matches and see who previously viewed your profile to optimize your best getting laid possibilities.

-      Unlimited sent and receive emails and access to a library of 10,000+ porno movies.






XXXBOOK offers a very good price for all the features it supplies.  As I stated before, you can get the Gold Membership for $12.50/month.  They also have a Silver Membership, which limits some of the features you have access to; therefore, for a slight price difference the best use of your money is to buy a Gold Membership. 

Currently the site is offering savings up to 60% on memberships.  Check it out!







At xxxBook this social networking hookup site is largely based around people looking for sex.  Girls and guys are here to get laid and they make it known.  Therefore, this site is not good for anyone who is looking to build a meaningful relationship… unless that meaning relationship last a few hours and ends with you coming and never going back.  But, sometimes that’s all people want.  However, if you want a site that’s a little less hardcore, where you can meet single who may be up for a little more than just a one-off fuck me party, you can check out EroticSearch I did a review for this site not long ago and if xxxBook were too much for you, this would be a great supplement







XXXBook.com is the best dating website to find no- stings attached sex.  The site acts as social network for horny singles and couples.  If you’re looking to get laid, this place is for you.  After joining the site with your Gold Membership you’ll have endless possibilities to find sex with sexy locals.  XXXbook.com allows its members to track each other though its Account Activity, its similar to how Facebook allows it users to stay connected though its popular newsfeed.  I’ve personally had a ton of success with xxxbook.com.  I had countless, encounters with lots of lovely ladies out here is the L.A. area.  I would highly recommend this online dating website for anyone who is looking to get find some hot fucking with some very attractive locals.  Setup up your profile and grab you membership- you’ll be set for sex! 



XXXBook.com Review: Legitimate Online Hookups , 3.2 out of 5 based on 26 ratings

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