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The first thing you need to know about my Adult Link assessment is that this site is that it is by far the best adult dating site I have ever reviewed, bar none. It’s the new kid on the block, competing against all the other big adult dating sites out there, and it’s got them beat, hands down. Not only does it have the slickest, sickest design, but the membership is already huge. It’s also got more bells and whistles in the form of amazing features and functionality than any other hookup date site out there right now. So, for all this, you’d expect it to have a really high membership fee, right? Nope! It’s got a free initial membership that lets you look around and try the site for nothing, and then if you want to get all the features and functionality, the prices are lower than any of the other big adult dating sites that you might choose. I’ll get into the specifics throughout this review, but I just had such a great time reviewing this site over the past few weeks, I couldn’t contain myself and had to get all that out ASAP. Now, let’s get into the details of why this new hookup site wowed me so much!




The great thing about this site has to be its plethora of features. At first when you sign up for your free membership, you get a basic look around the site. You fill in your profile with your sexual wants and kinks and fetishes. You upload a pic of yourself (the sexier the better), and then you’re brought to your individualized search pages. When I was brought to my search pages, I expected maybe a hundred local women would be in the queue, since this site is relatively new, but was I wrong! It’s already got millions of members because word has spread like wild fire about how it’s the best adult dating site going. So I had literally dozens of pages, with hundreds and hundreds of women to choose from. Frankly, I was surprised there were so many horny women in my area looking for some hot no strings attached casual sex, but…


I wasn’t complaining!

As I mentioned earlier, the sexier you makeĀ  your profile pic the better, becauseĀ  it’s naturally going to get the most interest when you show up in other people’s search pages. Obviously the women in my area already knew this piece of information, because they had all put up the craziest, sexiest nude and semi-nude pics of themselves. It was so erotic just going through their profiles, reading about what each of them liked in bed (with no embarrassment about specifying which position, and kinkiness they liked), as well as imagining them doing those things with those erotic profile pics to help the image. As I was emailing out my initial getting-to-know-you email to the hottest and sexiest women, I saw that I had received a couple of emails in my inbox. It seemed that my profile had piqued the interest of some of the women who were online at the time, and they were wondering if I wanted to get together for a date that very night!

To respond to their emails, and to access the rest of the site’s features if I wanted, I had to choose either AdultLink’s Silver or Gold Membership option. If I had chosen the Silver option I would have gotten unlimited access to the site’s basics: namely the email feature and the search pages. I’d also get their 90 Day Guarantee (get lucky in the first three months or my money back). Instead, I chose the Gold Membership which got me all the Silver features, PLUS limitless access to the site’s online forums, group discussion boards, web cam functionality, XXX theatre (thousands of streaming adult features) and Membersh videos section (Thousands of sex movies uploaded by AdultLink embers themselves!) It was just a few bucks more than the silver membership option, so I figured why not give myself everything the site had to offer! Here’s how they charge for each option:






Over the month I spent using the site, I had a total of 40 dates, including the first night I went online and set up my profile. Yep, that’s more than one hookup a day! I tried to double up on each weekend, after all – isn’t that what your days off are for? My record for one day was four dates on a particularly wonderful Sunday near the end of the month. I had my system for meeting, and hooking up with the girls pretty well down by then, and that day I just caught a flyer. That said, the site has one slight drawback. The fact that it is so new means that the membership is still growing. Like I mentioned before, there are still plenty of members (millions), but that’s only going to improve as more and more people switch over to it. So, it’s really only a temporary criticism.



Speaking of “wrapping it up” if you’re going to use this site effectively, you’d better invest in a bulk supply of condoms. I went through a bunch of domes obviously (40 different women all wanting an entire night of hot, continuous sex), as well as a huge amount of lube (some of these women were VERY kinky and open minded). This night seem like a downer because you have to spend the dough on the sexual necessities, but when you consider that you don’t have to take any of your partners out on a date before the sex, you’ll see you still end up saving a ton of money. That’s why adult dating is so great – none of the bologna of regular dating and trying to get laid. And AdultLink is absolutely, bar-none the best of the best I’ve tried so far!

AdultLink Review: GREAT ADULT DATING SITE, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Author: Darryl Stewart

Originally from Rhode Island, Darryl Stewart moved west to Los Angeles where he attended The University of Southern California. There he obtained his masters degree in Communications, and now he currently works for a major television network.