JustHookUp: A Dating Scam

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Regrettably, I have to admit to that I’ve signed up for a membership at JustHookUp.com.  I should have known better, but it was just after I ended my relationship and I was just trying to find some fast fun.  All I got from JustHookUp.com were credit charges and no sex.  This website is a scam.  The initial homepage should have been a glaring clue.  It says you can sign up for free which is not uncommon, but then it states you can join for free. Suggesting that by joining a site for free leads me to believe the memberships are free, they’re not.  Once I went though the sign up process a payment page quickly appeared offering my deals and promotions on memberships, I took the cheapest one.  However, looking back on the situation that was part of the scam.  Without even viewing offering a chance to view the details of the website its asking for your money, that is shady business.  Unlike SocialSex, which gives its potential members a tour of its features therefore you know exactly what your purchase will provide.  The whole interface of JustHookUp looks like it from the Internet dark ages, its old with bad graphics and its not user friendly.  The layout looks very childish, bright colors, winks and little hearts.  None of the graphics are in high resolution.  The profiles look completely faked.  The ages don’t match the actual physicality of the pictures and the profile details sound forced and robotic.  Within only a couple of minutes of joining JustHookUp I had numerous e-mail messages, profile views and picture request.  I never had the chance to fill in any profile details or upload a picture and I was getting messages to meet.  JustHookUp is scam dating website.  Furthermore, I obviously registered as a female and I was looking for males, it was mind boggling to me when only female profiles were populated on my home screen.  I didn’t see one big cock, anywhere.  I was feeling very disappointed to say the least.  Based on my experience at JustHookUp I would deem this online dating website a scam.  Don’t be fooled like me and forget about this web dating scam. 





The site features at JustHookUp failed to please me in the slightest.  The have some of the same things as every other online dating site such as unlimited emailing, profile views and live cams.  However, the only members that have messaged me are illegitimate.  What is the point to pay for features when you can’t use those features to actually find a decent hookup?  Just reiterating again, JustHookUp is a scam.  There are no good reasons why anyone should sign up to access these unreal members and lame features.  If you were truly interested in finding people to fuck, you’re better off checking out an online dating site like EroticSearch.  There isn’t a site tour, which leads to a lot of confusion.  Unlike most of the better online dating sites, they give you a run though of all the features you will be able to use to have the best chances at landing some ass.  There are not crowd pleasers here at JustHookUp.  Everything about it seems off and leaves you wondering what kind of trick they’re trying to play on you. 




-       The biggest downside to JustHookUp is that they don’t offer any instant messaging options.  I always find instant messaging useful for hooking up online.  It’s the quickest and more efficient way to get laid.  You can do it on the fly usually from your computer or mobile and it really cuts down on a lot of talk, helping you get to the point.  JustHookUp fails in this department.  It’s probably because it doesn’t boast enough legitimate members to warrant an instant message feature.


-       They are desperate for sales.  Its clear from the initial login to the inside homepage.  They’re offering so many deals and promotions.  It even starts various countdowns to when upgrades and offers will end trying to convince you buy now.


-       Their membership doesn’t have any little perks like a hardcore xxx porn vault.  Its not necessarily what someone would join a hookup site for essentially but its nice to have access to that when you’re bored or when you have a trick over to put on to add into the fun.


-       The entire site makes you feel like you’re in a slimily advertisement.  The feeling of fake profiles, pop up ads, unrealistic profile views, bogus messages from other members and not even showing the content you requested on sign up.







JustHookUp offers you incentives to verify your email address.  It claims it will give you 5 free winks, which allows you to get another member’s attention similar to a poke, which you will be familiar with if you own a Facebook account.  However, upon doing it they flood your email with offers, promotions and requests from the site.  This is all before you even have a profile created. 




JustHookUp is a dating scam.  Its clear their main goal is to take your money.  They don’t spend anytime on the sites interface.  It looks like a webpage from the late 90’s with bad graphics.  You have an overall feeling that the profiles, pictures and text are all faked.  From getting countless messages and request for pictures within minutes of joining the site, nothing about JustHookUp is legitimate.  It’s on my recommendation that you don’t join JustHookUp.  Save you time and money and spend it on an online dating site that will actually lead to you getting laid. 

JustHookUp: A Dating Scam, 3.8 out of 5 based on 29 ratings

Author: Sandra Sloan

Sandra Sloan is a self-proclaimed dating expert. She's 25 years old and recently single. Sandra says: "I live in the San Fernando Valley, basically a suburb of Los Angeles, and I moved out here just over a year ago to be with my now ex-boyfriend. There’s a lot of dating sites out there that are legitimate, but sadly a lot that are a scam. I’m going to write reviews about my experiences and inform you of which dating sites are real and which sites you need to avoid! "