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Thank you, ManAction.  Being an online date site reviewer has it perks.  I was offered a chance to use the new ManAction.com dating site.  ManAction is a gay dating website and it looks really good.  Its only live in some parts of the globe, but I got the insiders tour and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  However, if you want some instant cock, right now- check out MANPLAY.COM.  I did a site review for that site not long ago.  I’ve been spilling tons of loads on dudes thanks to Manplay.


Do you know what you’re looking for when you log in to an online dating site?  People look for a relationship, look to add on to their existing relationship, by adding a third, one-off fucking, porn for busting nut, looking for cock when you’re traveling for fun or work, gay dating sites are used for so many things.  Look no further because ManAction is going to be your one-stop-shop for all your cock hungry needs.  Really, the site is loaded with awesome features, the members I saw were sexy and there are so many different types of guys.  Muscle guys, muscle bears, old, young, twinks, jocks, military bros, daddies… like I said, something for everyone.  No matter what scene you’re into, they have it:  daddy/son, jock/coach, kink, bears and groups to name a few of my personal favorites.  The ethnic groups were really diverse too.  Black dudes, Latinos, Brazilians, Asians, Middle Eastern and those huge dick euro punks everyone secretly wants to take a ride on.  There is something for everyone, don’t expect to be disappointed.


I’ll tell you, I signed up for the site and I wasn’t expecting much because the site isn’t live for everyone.  I was just logging in to get a feel for the site and see what the user experience would be.  Everything was easy breezy.  The sign up process is simple and doesn’t take up too much time.  Create a username, password, pop in an e-mail, confirm your e-mail, you know the deal.  But, this was the best part.  I was just poking around the site and had left it open on my computer.  A few hours later I saw, I had a new message.  I was surprised, but I got lucky.  I can’t say any names, but ManAction has offered the same free sign-up to a popular porn star who was trying the site out, too.  This guy is a dream and very daddy-like exactly what gets me going.  We decided to meet and he came over to my house.  He was over 6 feet, built, a nice amount of hair, nice guy and he had a huge fucking cock.  My ass was twitching and he was a total top.  I usually don’t bottom much, but for some monster meat on a big muscle daddy, I’ll bend over multiple times per day.  He fucked the hell out of me and I shot one of the biggest loads, ever.  But, that wasn’t before he got on his knees and slobbered all over my dick and of course I retuned the favor, I swallow the thing whole- he was impressed, he said not many guys can take the thing without chocking.  We kissed and played with each other nipples.  He has the most beautiful chest; I could have worked on it all day.  We took turns munching on each other’s asses and then the fucking started. ManAction has already been successful for me; I can’t wait for the site to go live so everyone can get a chance to get in on the fun.




ManAction has some great features.  You will have no trouble getting laid or connecting for a date.  Members get:


-       Unlimited e-mail access

-       Gay themed porn vault.

-       Upload self xxx videos

-       Upload self xxx pictures

-       See who has viewed your profile

-       Check out local guys in your area

-       Check out guys living away for when you travel

-       Instant messaging, for quick hookups

-       Detailed interest page, finding exactly what you want

-       Advanced search to find specific scenes and types

-       View members who are online, NOW- for fast fucking.

-       Keep track of hookups by looking at the activity feed


There are tons of features to help you in your search for a boyfriend or a fuck buddy.





The only problem right now with ManAction is that the site isn’t live for everyone.  Therefore, you might be reading this, looking for a place to bust or another way to find a good man and you can’t.  It shouldn’t take too much longer for the site to go live; everything looks great from my view.  In the meantime, check out Manplay and you’ll have a fun time, too.  Also, if you’re going to be waiting around for ManAction and you want to know what I think about gay dating, check out my gay dating tips.




The best deal at ManAction is $12.50 per month for a year.  You get access to every feature.  I can’t think of a better price for all the cock you’re going to get at ManAction.  They have other options always, I will outline them below, see the box.  Choose whatever you think is it best, but take my advice and go with the best deal. 







I fell in love with ManAction and you will, too.  The site has everything you need to hookup and get off.  Whether you’re looking for a dinner date or a hot fuck session this is the place you need to be.  Don’t be discouraged about the Man Action not being live; all good things come to those who wait.  Who knows, you might run into me or my big daddy porn star on there, if you do send a message and see if we can’t meet for sweaty, nut busting, good time.

ManAction: Legitimate Gay Dating , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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