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EroticSearch.com is definitely a legitimate adult dating website.  With the pile of pussy I’ve been getting, this is no joke.  EroticSearch is the world’s largest online dating site.  Looking to find some easy no strings attached sex?  This is where you need to be. The site offers up a huge database of women and will surely have a type for you.  There’s girls of all ages, all sizes and all of them are looking for something fun.  The sign up process is easy, just like all the girls on there.  I only had to enter my e-mail and bam!  I was able to get the login information sent directly to my e-mail account.  Once I logged into EroticSearch it’s was girls, girls, and more girls in my face.  The site allows free x-rated pictures of it members; they even have a hot blonde tour guide to help point everything out in her skimpiest bikini.  You can search locals in your area right away, I found sex within the first few hours of being online.  In the meantime, EroticSearch has a huge xxx theater, loads of flicks to keep you engaged and raged while you wait to get some real ass.  You can upload pictures of yourself… nudies or clothed.  There is an extensive list of details you can fill out about yourself and a detailed list about the kind of girl you want to find, its helps!  The more you say, the better you can match to a girl you want to bang it out with, it’s up to you how many a day you can handle.  Get on and get off, literally- its never been so easy with this useful dating website.




EroticSearch offers its members a ton of options.  If you sign up for a basic a membership these are pretty limited.  I just did the best deal, its golden, literally the Gold Membership for $12.50 per month and if you sing up for 3 months, you can get 3 more months free added right on to your account.   This was the best deal for me; it will probably be the best deal for you too.  I look at it like this, everyone online has equal opportunity, and you start with a fair playing field.  If you have to go out to a bar or club to find some action, you pay for drinks, you pay for her drinks, you have your friends and you have other physical competition with you in the room.  Eliminate two major things, cost and competition and just go for the monthly rate and start getting on and getting off with as many girls as you like, when you like and how you like it.  You have all the power! So this is the breakdown:




-      EroticSearch.com’s Basic membership gets in the door; the Gold Membership for $12.50/month really opens all of the doors.  Send and receive unlimited e-mails, top listings of all searches, become a featured member, access to all the hardcore porn, member webcams and Erotic Search’s 100 day fucking guarantee.

-      Keep updated on Erotic Searches Live news feeds and live webcams, the perferct way to keep track of what all your tricks are up to.

-      You can check out the compatibility Check List to see which EroticSearch members are most compatible with you.

-      Check out your Local Matches, New Members, Hottest Members, and Who’s Viewed You.  Build a Friends List and watch video uploaded by other members- hey… upload you own, too.

One last thing, women can sign up for free.  While that might seem a tad unfair, think of the upside.  It will persuade more girls to sign up.  Less guys, more girls, equals you getting laid more, you can’t beat that!




There are 2 options for signing up at EroticSearch.  You can choose the Silver Membership or the Gold Membership.  As you can see below, the Gold Membership offers the best bang for you buck.  For $12.50 a month you can begin your intimate journey into online dating.






Every online dating site has a little something not going right.  Although, EroticSearch is just about perfect, it does have a pop-up every now and then.  It’s not horrible, its usually more porn or more tips on how to get laid!  Nothing wrong with a good reminder of what you’re online looking for in the first place.  EroticSearch is new to the dating website world for that reason it might be difficult for users in smaller locations to find local dates.  That shouldn’t stop you from becoming a member, you never know when you might be visiting a bigger city or someone might give you a reason to get away.  Also, you still have access to all the xxx pictures, video and cams.




EroticSearch offers you a unique feature.  They provide you with testimonials from active members.  The testimonials are located conveniently on the EroticSeach.com homepage, near the bottom.  Its a cool section that allows users like me and soon to be users like you, to get a quick glimpse into what your other EroticSearch friends are doing. What are members saying?  They’re saying that they love EroticSearch, which confirms for me that EroticSearch is on par with the best dating sites.  One particular member uses this online dating site because he is busy at work, I’m positive a lot of you can relate.  He claims that after receiving a promotion and having increased work hours his sex life took a hit.  He signed up at EroticSearch and instead of having to take girls out on dates, he logs on and finds an easier way to get laid!  He says he had sex with a handful of ladies since joining EroticSearch.  Imagine what you can do if you have more time to cruise into online dating.






The final word on EroticSearch.com is that you need to be apart of this online dating community.  The cost is awesome, for only $12.50/month; you’re really getting your money’s worth.  Erotic Search’s unlimited features, ease in finding locals to fuck and simple sign-up process makes it on the tops of my list.  Being able to login and see exactly whom you’re getting from xxx pictures, cams and videos.  The only thing better is meeting up to film it yourself; EroticSearch makes that easy for you to do. Sign up now, for the superior matchmaking experience.



EroticSearch Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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