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Link: XXXCupid.com: Legitimate Online Hookups


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XXXCupid has been one of my most successful attempts at using online dating.   I love the layout of the site and how user friendly it is.  I’ve met a lot of women from the site for sex and going on real dates.  I like doing both, just to mix it up.  The sign up process is easy and quick.  XXXCupid has so many features, which makes it stand out among its competitors.  I personally love the unlimited porn and free xxx video uploaded by other XXXCupid members.  XXXCupid really places a emphasis on customer satisfaction.  Their ability to connect members though instant message, message board, news feeds and unlimited e-mail with a gold membership are the best of any online dating website.


I’ve been apart of the XXXCupid community for a couple of months now and I have met countless ladies in my local area.  Don’t worry though; you can also use it when you’re traveling to find girls all over the world.  They have a wide range of ladies to choose from and they always seem to be up for a good time.  Unlike other online dating websites XXXCupid isn’t stand offish, its welcoming, relaxed and a fun environment to let go and have fun. 


You can find guys, girl or couples on the site, which is perfect because it really has something for everyone.  It’s really become my go to site to find a hot fuck or grab a bite with a cool chick.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, XXXCupid will be able to hook you up.  Only $12.50 a month over the year you can’t go wrong with that.





I briefly ran though the many features of XXXCUPID in my opening spiel.  I want to take a closer look into what exactly you get as a member.  It’s easy for us ladies, we sign up and gain access to every site feature, but we need those boys to sign up so we can have more fun.  So, while this is just as much for the girls, I want you boys to pay close attention to what kind of perks you’ll be getting once you get your membership.  Signing up as a basic member you have limited access to most features, that’s why I would suggest you upgrade to a Gold Membership.  The Gold Membership gives all of its member’s access to every feature.  The main features of the site that is most important for hooking up and getting laid are the instant messaging, unlimited emailing, advanced searches and the My Activity section. With these tools you can:


- Connect with members instantly.  It’s a fast and efficient way to ensure you get laid.

- Use the advanced search features to connect with exactly the type of guy or girl you want.  It’s so detailed; it does all the work for you.

- Use your unlimited emails to stay in touch with your online hookups, keep track of everyone you’re talking to, so you don’t miss a beat.

- Your activity will be chronicled though a news feed, similar to Facebook.  You can keep track of friend requests and what other members are doing.


Other features of the site that are fun to use is the huge vault of hardcore porn, they have so many different genres, something for everyone’s tastes. XXXCupid allows you to create a friend lists, see who’s viewed your profile, give you access to your latest matches and quick options to meet other members in person.  Overall the features of SocialSex set the standard for what all-online dating websites should aspire to be.




There is no fee for women.  SocialSex offer women a free membership, for this reason the majority of members at SocialSex are horny ladies.

The boys have two options.  The Silver Membership, which limits access to some features or the Gold Membership which will allow you to have unlimited access to every feature and hookup easier with us ladies!






There isn’t much to choose from in way of cons from XXXCupid, the only thing I can say is that the porn selection is go great you sometimes forget what you’re online to do, find girls to fuck and date that you lose focus and start jerking off to porn all day.  Its good for a warm up, but you really should stay on track, you don’t want to miss out on meeting any hot girls in your area.




XXXCupid is worth the money for a membership.  I’ve gotten so many connections that were sexual or casual and all have been good experience.  It’s a fun environment to be apart of and I will guarantee you’ll enjoy it, try it today! 

XXXCupid.com: Legitimate Online Hookups, 4.1 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

Author: Darryl Stewart

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